Star Ergonomic Chairs
For high end ergonomic chairs, you have Hookay.

Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

Star ergonomic office chair design concept:

Star ergonomic office chair break the limitation of the traditional small seat back, Hookay's designer 's inspiration comes from the constantly using simple gesture "Y" "Y" shape back supporting system always give human body spine comfort all day long, a real super star ergonomic chair for modern office.

Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

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  • Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G
  • Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G
  • Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G
  • Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G
  • Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G
  • Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

Product Description


● Classic Y shape back supporting

The Y shape back looks simple but classic, will never out of date, at the same time, according to mechanics, the triangle supporting is the strongest back supporting shape you could found.

Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

● Waterfall seat for behind the knee comfort.

The design of the seat edge shape is full of ergonomic feature, waterfall shape at the edge inside inset with designed foam to deliver comfort to your knee through the long time working.

● Self-developed patented aluminum cable synchro-tilt mechanism

Hookay's self developed sychro-tilt mechanism is a new innovative double spring wire control mechanism which got national patent in 2010.

Made with polished aluminum frame, this detailing of the aluminum which is abrasion resistant and rustproff at the surface is constantly delivering a concept of high quality and strength.

Due to its excellent design and structure, the back recline could adjust 4 levels with the biggest tilting angle 130 degree. Also Allows user to recline while keeping seat cushion relatively level to floor while the user enjoys a relaxed position.

Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

● Seat pressure reduction design

The seat design has a special ergonomic curve which can reduce user's pressure, it is comfortable and considerate.

● Ratchet back design

The ratched back can raise the dynamic separated lumbar to fit the curve of your body, there are four different height adjustment let user's spine to the most relaxed and comfortable position.

Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

● Dynamic variable headrest

The headrest is dynamic, user can adjust height, angle, and have a automatic flexible support to head. whenever what position sit on, it can pivot to keep user comfortable.

Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-GStar ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

● Complies with En1335/BIFMA standards

Passed BIFMA standards and EN1335 certification, quality is enduring

● 4D multifunctional button-free armrest

Self- developed 4D armrest has excellent ergonomic performance, it was designed to provide comfortable support for your elbows and forearms, relieving the pressure on your shoulders and improving your seating ergonomics. They are coated with durable soft-touch PU rubber, and are fully adjustable in four directions—forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and angled inward & outward—to suit your own needs and preference.

In particular, the height adjustment can easily strike your eyes. The height adjustment of nine gears can be completed quickly by simply putting your hand on the armrest and lifting it up easily. It makes you feel that the adjustment of ergonomic office chair is interesting and easy, and has won national patent.

The appearance of the button is designed without button, which is simple and clean, special and beautiful.

Star ergonomic chairs RSTM01-GStar ergonomic chairs RSTM01-G

● With footrest

Once tired, user can tilt the backrest to favorite angle and lay down, stretch out and make a relaxation which can make working more productive.


● Headrest height

● Headrest angle adjustment

● Headrest automatic flexible support

● Backrest height adjustment

● Backrest tilt tension /tilt angle

● 4D Armrest with height adjustment

● Arm angle/width adjustment

● Seat height adjustment

● Seat depth adjustment

● Seat slide


● Korea brand Samhongsa gaslift

● Deluxe five star polished aluminum base

● Korea Wintex advanced breathable mesh

● 60mm PU castor


Back frame and Gray frame for optional

Headrest for optional