Hookay’s processing are handcrafted for maximum ergonomic comfort, and we keep artisan spirit and refinement process innovation in mind, alway pay attention to details.

Excellent hand- craftsmanship

    • Durability is Key

    Durability is Key

    We apply double row nails inside to make sure 100% durable , as we always believe that durability is key for product, that is why some factories copy the relatively similar items, but actually they are totally different in quality.

    • Precise sewing make sure  high quality

    Precise sewing make sure high quality

    Hookay use precise sewing technology, and adopt same thread as the luxury car and lady bag, which makes the products sewing seamlessly and perfectly connected, showing our high quality and beautiful craftsmanship in details.

    • Accuracy in the assembly of  mechanism

    Accuracy in the assembly of mechanism

    Mechanism is the most important part for a good ergonomic chair, which require good design, top material, it also require expertise and experience of all specialist,a good mechanism is key to a best ergonomic chair.

    Our synchro-tilt aluminum mechanism is precisely assembled in 18 steps which consisted of nearly 100 components. Each steps is precisely and accurately processed by hands to make sure the mechanism is durably and functional for many years using.